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Individual Coaching

You have everything you need to succeed and breakthrough inside of you; the challenge is finding ways to tap into those hidden talents.


Team Coaching

You want to build an unstoppable team. You already know that great teams win championships, not great individuals.


Workshop Facilitation

You don’t need another cookie-cutter workshop that brings information but doesn’t create change.

What’s Holding You Back?

There’s a lot at risk if you allow limiting beliefs, Imposter syndrome and the sense of overwhelm stop you.

I understand how you feel when you are not reaching your full potential.
You know you can do better but feel stuck with no way out - it’s frustrating.
I know because my clients used to be there too.

Allow my experience to open up your future

There’s a lot on the line; I get it. You have high expectations for your life, and you need a person you can rely on to guide you to understand and develop strategies to work through what’s holding you back and how you can step out stronger.

I know what’s needed when you are facing some tough obstacles.

After 20 years in the employ of the Victorian Police Force, I have led a diverse range of teams in
metropolitan, regional, rural, and international settings.

My key areas of expertise include people focussed leadership (leader as coach), and critical incident, emergency, and investigation management.

Team Leader and Investigator, United Nations Investigative Team to Promote Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da`esh/ISIL (UNITAD)
International Perspective | Stakeholder Management | Project Management

January – December 2021

  • Developing and advancing the investigation and analysis of crimes committed by ISIL against the Iraqi Christian community and property, as part of the building of cases of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide against ISIL leaders and members
  • Erbil Head of Office – regional office management including effective crisis management in relation to COVID-19, and security issues associated with the Iraq election
  • Represented UNITAD at various committees and engagements.
  • Gender Parity Working Group member
  • Witness Threat and Risk Committee member
  • Donor presentations, NGO Dialogue Forums, Nobody’s Listening Forum

Detective Inspector, Joint Counter Terrorism Team (Victoria), Counter Terrorism Command, Victoria Police
Risk Management | Stakeholder Engagement | Governance

April 2020 – May 2022


  • Working in partnership with Commonwealth law enforcement and intelligence partners in managing the prevention and investigation of terrorism offences with the intention of disrupting terrorism and bringing prosecutions for breaches of terrorism legislation
  • Delivering a flexible and adaptive terrorism investigative resource, recognising the multi-jurisdictional and transnational nature of terrorism
  • Represented Victoria Police at various committees and working groups, including:
  • Operations Coordination
  • Group and Joint Management Committee
  • Returning Foreign Fighter Families Working Group
  • National Counter Terrorism Risk Project Team

Detective Inspector, Staff Officer to the Assistant Commissioner, Counter Terrorism Command, Victoria Police
Risk Management | Compliance | Governance

April 2019 – April 2020


  • Reviewing and modernising CTC governance arrangements and oversighting organisational compliance requirements, increasing efficacy
  • Providing operational and strategic advice on complex terrorism, criminal and public safety related investigations
  • Enhancing risk identification and mitigation strategies, including improving information sharing arrangements and preparing high level briefings and reports for Executive Command and State and Federal Government

Victoria Police Legacy (VPL): Non-Executive Director, Risk Committee Member

January 2018 – December 2020

Victoria Police Legacy is a charitable not-for-profit organization that provides a range of services to police families throughout Victoria who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Women’s Health Goulburn North-East (WHGNE): Non-Executive Director

January 2017 – September 2019

WHGNE is a feminist organisation leading change towards women’s empowerment, women’s health, the prevention of violence against women and ultimately, gender equality. www.whealth.com.au/

Level Two Certificate of Organisational Coaching (MIECL) – Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL)
Graduate, Company Directors Course (GAICD) – Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)
Graduate Certificate in Applied Management (Policing and Emergency Services) – Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM)
Graduate Certificate in Fraud Investigation – La Trobe University a
Graduate Diploma of Business (Management) – Monash University
Bachelor of Arts (Criminology) – The University of Melbourne



This is how we do it:


Let's spend 30 mins together, get to know each other. This will help me understand what you want to achieve and how I can help you.


Unlock the tools and strategies inside of you to help you achieve your potential.


Be a better human, make better humans and have a greater impact while taking care of yourself and enjoying life.

The Power To Change Is Within You,
I Help You Unlock It

You already know that what you need is inside of you. It’s time to deal with whatever has been holding you back.

Overcome the roadblocks, fears & uncertainties. There’s a way to get through them, the GRITential way!

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